Why Wood Fire?

Much like your wood fireplace wood emits a unique heat that cant be replication by gas or electricity. This also applies to cook with an wood fired oven. When you cook using wood flavour is trapped inside the food and the even distribution of heat allows for the perfectly cooked pizza, bread, cakes or meat.

Wood Fired Pizza

To create an ideal environment for baking pizza, flat breads and certain appetizers, all of which cook within a few minutes. A large fire is built so the flames fill the roof of the dome and heat both the floor and roof. This should be 280c to 700 degF. Once up to temperature the fire coals are raked to the side, and the floor is brushed clean with a copper brush. Pizzas are cooked directly on the oven floor and Wood is added every 15 to 20 minutes to keep the heat constant.

Roasted Meats and Vegetables

Your new European Wood Fired oven can be used for browning vegetables or searing meats to seal in the flavour and moisture, before covering with a lid or liquid, casseroles also work well. After the oven has been fully fired ( as in high temp cooking ) the coals are moved to the side and small amounts of wood are added as the oven cools, but the fire is kept burning at a low rate ( 2″ to 4″ flames ). This is the perfect conditions for roasting meats and vegetables

Wood Fired Breads and Cakes

Traditional baked fresh bread is amazing and your wood fired oven can be used in the same way as a conventional oven ( gas or electric ). After the oven has been fully fired and allowing to cool down below 300 deg C , the hot coals ( if there are any left ) are raked out, or the ash is brushed to the side.

The wood will will maintain the temperature for a long time resulting a light a fluffy texture.