Our Hand-Crafted Wood Fired Ovens

Are you looking for high-quality wood fired pizza ovens that will stand the test of time and stand up to the weather? Look no further than European Wood Fired Ovens in Perth.

Each of our hand-crafted, custom-designed domed wood fired ovens is built based on an ancient European design and style. The only difference is that rather than terracotta and volcanic materials, we use modern materials to build the ovens.

Three Layers of Heat and Protection 

We got into this business because we couldn’t stand looking at wood fired ovens that cracked when they got too hot. After all, cooking at an incredibly hot temperature is what wood-fired ovens are all about.

Our ovens are built with 3 layers for extra protection:

  1. A layer of modern industrial refractory materials to hold the heat
  2. An insulation layer that retains the heat inside the dome
  3. A decorative finishing layer that provides a weather-proof outer shell 

Customisable Safety and Longevity 

One of the best things about our ovens is the wire strengthened stucco outer shell. It has a weatherproof coating in many different colours, meaning you can choose your oven to match your other outdoor décor.

When you choose the Pacino or the Soprano, you get a reinforced concrete plinth and a hand-cut Hardy island granite work surface. These accessories provide total structural integrity, durability and style. In all of our ovens, we use an insulated stainless steel chimney and rain caps to provide extra safety and a long outdoor life.

Remember, you can customise the colours and materials, but the sizes will come standard depending on the model.

The Models

The Sinatra

Are you looking to add something extra to your backyard entertainment area? The Sinatra is a humble crowd pleaser. This oven is suitable for smaller entertaining areas. You can cook for 20-30 people, making 2 large pizzas or 1 large pizza and a roasting tray at a time.

The Pacino

Maybe you really love to entertain, or perhaps you’re trying to add a wood fired section to your small restaurant. The Pacino is an oval shaped oven suitable for medium to large alfresco areas. You can cook for between 40 and 50 people, making 3 large pizzas or 2 large pizzas and one roasting tray at a time.

The Soprano

Now we’re bringing out the big guns. The Soprano can really feed. It’s a medium sized oven ideal for larger families or those who love to entertain. This is our most popular residential oven, catering for up to 80 people. This oven will cook 5 large pizzas or 3 large pizzas and a large roasting tray (i.e. suckling pig or baby goat) at a time.

Interested in one of our ovens? Contact European Wood Fired Ovens today for more information! We’re based in Perth and service Australia-wide.