Wood Fire Cooking Vs Gas and Electric Cooking

When you think about wood fired cooking, you generally think about pizza. And while you’re right to do so, there are also many other ways to use a wood fired oven. When it’s time to fit out your new outdoor kitchen, you might start by weighing up your options for different types of cooking elements. In this post, we’ll compare the pros and cons of wood-fired cooking and gas and electric cooking so you can get a better idea of which choice is right for you.

How to Choose a Wood Fire Oven

Wood fired ovens are traditionally made in Italy from terracotta. Volcanic materials are added to the terracotta to allow for temperatures of more than 538 degrees Celsius. These ovens are distinct from other ovens because they produce a one-of-a-kind flavour by allowing the char of the wood to penetrate the food. If you are considering upgrading your outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven, you’re going to want to make the right choice for your lifestyle. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal wood fire oven to suit your needs.