If you’re investing time and money in a customised outdoor kitchen, you’re going to want to have access to it all year round. Here are some tips on how to create an outdoor kitchen that is comfortable and versatile throughout all the seasons.

Get Water and Weather-Proof Appliances 

The most important thing to remember about setting up an outdoor kitchen is fitting out your space with the right appliances. Wood fired ovens, for example, are a popular choice among many homeowners.

Our wood fired ovens are made of three layers, so they can be used no matter what the skies are doing. They have a layer of refractory materials to hold in the heat, an insulation layer to retain heat, and a decorative finishing layer that is 100% weather proof.

In addition, you generally can’t go wrong choosing stainless steel appliances like a grille or refrigerator. They will be easy to clean and they’re durable in all kinds of weather. Other types of built-in appliances, like a range or microwave, should be covered when not in use.

Install Durable and Sturdy Walking Surfaces and Cabinets 

Before you even start creating your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to think about the walking surface. This should be something like stone or deck tiles on a concrete surface. You could also choose composite or wood decking on raised platforms that can support the weight of your kitchen appliances and foot traffic.

To really give your kitchen some extra appeal, make sure you match the flooring with the cabinetry and countertops.

Protect against the Elements 

In order to maintain a comfortable cooking and entertaining environment, you need to protect yourself and your guests from the elements. Building a tall roof or a pergola over the kitchen is a great way to protect against the sun and the rain. You can also think about netting or insect killers/traps if you live in an area that gets a lot of mosquitoes.

For the summer months, keep cool with overhead fans or mist sprays, and during the colder months try installing infrared or electronic heaters outside. If you want to combine heat with ambience, consider putting in a fire pit or other fire elements. 

Get Creative with Lighting 

Whether you’re entertaining at night or it’s simply overcast outside, you should set up different lighting options. You can choose between LED, solar or gas lighting, or even candles and lanterns or a mix of different options. To enhance the atmosphere, focus on creating warm and inviting lighting options that will add to the dining experience. 

European Wood Fired Ovens creates customised outdoor kitchens for customers across Australia. We can build you a gorgeous outdoor kitchen that will accommodate all four seasons. Contact us today to learn more.