Experts in Custom Wood Fired Ovens and Outdoor Kitchens 

European Wood Fired Ovens is a family owned and operated company based in Perth. We were born out of a passion for amazing aromatic cuisine and a love of wood-fired cooking. We build world-class, European-style, hand-crafted wood-fired pizza ovens right here in Western Australia.

Our History 

While our company was founded in 2001, wood-fired ovens have been our legacy since 1996. Our founder first ventured into the world of wood fired ovens after seeing a range of poor quality ovens in homes and businesses. They were either too small to get the job done or prone to cracking under extreme heat – the exact opposite of what a good quality wood fired oven should be!

Our Mission 

The mission of European Wood Fired Ovens is to build traditional European-styled wood fired ovens that are practical, high quality, and weather-proof. We want our ovens to stand the test of time, which is why we handcraft them using top of the line refractory stone. They are made with three layers – a layer of refractory materials to hold the heat, an insulation layer to retain the heat, and a decorative finishing to weatherproof the oven.

Through wood-fired cooking, we hope to bring people closer together. When you have a wood-fired oven, whether it’s in your backyard or in a restaurant, people tend to gather around it. The soothing warmth, incredible aroma and flavourful food that these ovens dish out create bonds and happy experiences.

When you add one of our ovens to your outdoor kitchen, they will enhance your cooking and eating experience and add some much-needed ambience to your alfresco entertainment area. Adding a wood fired pizza oven to your backyard is about more than just cooking pizzas – it adds value to your home and gives your backyard a central piece for outdoor entertaining. 

Don’t Settle for Imitations

We believe our wood-fired pizza ovens are the best on the market and we know they will last for years to come. Contact us today for more information or give us a call on 08 7009 4135.