Slow cooked foods in a traditional wood fired oven enhances their full flavour


Handmade here in Western Australia our oven are affordable and built to last


Transform your outdoor living with a customised outdoor kitchen built around our wood fired ovens

Welcome to European Wood Fired Ovens in Perth!

<p?In today’s culinary-enriched society, you can do more than just barbeque in your backyard. Kick it up a notch by investing in a wood-fired pizza oven!

European Wood Fired Ovens manufactures a range of high-quality wood-fired pizza ovens in Perth. We can build you a customised oven and even a customised outdoor kitchen to give you a complete backyard entertaining experience.

Why Choose Wood Fired? 

Wood-fired ovens aren’t just about making pizzas. In a wood fired oven, you can cook anything from whole pig roasts and vegetables to bread, cakes and biscuits. A slow cooked roast made in a traditional wood-fired oven seriously enhances the flavour.

When you choose wood-fired pizza ovens, you choose an atmosphere for cooking. Really get involved in the cooking experience and delight your guests with a full, smoky flavour. Wood-fired ovens are an investment in your lifestyle, as they complement and enhance your outdoor entertaining. The memories you create will be priceless!

  • You can’t get the same flavours or aromas with gas and electric cooking.
  • You can’t replicate the incredibly high temperatures with any other style of cooking.
  • Without a wood-fired oven, you simply can’t experience outdoor cooking at its best!

About Our Hand-Crafted Ovens 

We hand-craft each of our ovens in right here in Western Australia, and we can provide services Australia-wide. Our ovens are affordable, weather-resistant and built to last. We can custom make your oven, but we also have three standard styles: The Sinatra, The Pacino and The Soprano.

Read more about our range of hand-crafted pizza ovens here.

Custom Made Outdoor Kitchens 

Transform your outdoor living with a customised outdoor kitchen built around your wood fired oven. From the oven design to the kitchen layout, from fridges to sinks and shelving, we can provide you with a custom built outdoor kitchen that will enhance your alfresco entertainment area.

European Wood Fired Ovens manufactures wood fired ovens here in Perth and we service Australia-wide. Contact us today for more information! Call us on 08 7009 4135.